Fun Day

These are some pictures from the last day in the field for the 2015 season.  Unfortunately it was a wet day so I was unable to carry the camera out as much as I had hoped.   So the first photo is of a great friend Kim and his brother Paul who  started the morning out and ended the season with a 50 bird hunt.  Stubs was behind me with his dog helping guide and was a part of the hunt.  Then we had a good run later in the day and was able to carry the camera and get some real good shots of a longtime client Ashleigh and her dog Hunley and one of my pups Daisy who I co-own with Chandler.  Hunley has been doing Master work for quite some time and Ashleigh now enjoys being able to shoot over him herself.  Chandler has finished Senior Hunter with Daisy and we now have her doing Master work pretty consistently.  Chandler shot her first quail over Daisy early this season and finsished the season off shooting a few more.  I am very proud of what Chandler has accomplished with her since picking her up a few years ago and next season will be persuing Master Hunter and working on a show Championship after Graduating college in May.  We had a great spread of food and goodies.  Many clients came out despite the weather and everyone had a great time.  I had been wanting to do this for some time and am certainly going to try and make it an annual thing.  Some say we should have a kickoff party and end of year party.  I can work with that as well.  A Huge Thank you to all my clients/friends who have brought your dogs out for me to train, trusting in my abbilities, returning year after year and making days like this so special.  Nothing like a day afield with family, friends, good dogs and a spread of food.  I think I have a few pictures of everyone that came or most that hung out but they ended up on a phone micro card I removed so when I find them I can add a few more to this assortment.  If anyone else took some please email them to me.  Thank You

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